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Just think of it as a grenade in reverse - when you throw the Elide Fire Ball into the flames, it creates an explosion that actually puts out a fire. Crazy? A little. Awesome? Absolutely.

about the fireball Elide Fire, May 2016


The Elide Fire Fireball is based on revolutionary technology that provides far more advanced solutions than portable fire extinguishers. The limitations and problems associated with conventional methods of extinction (maintenance, training, etc.) are at the origin of its development. It is easy to use and provides permanent protection as it self-activates in the presence of a flame without human intervention.

Elide Fire was created in response to the growing and continuing density of urban communities that face a huge risk of potential fire-related disasters. The need for proactive fire safety measures becomes evident.

Birth of the
ElideFire® Extinguishing Ball

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Elide Fire avec support

Technical characteristics

Technical informations :

  • Weight of extinguishing agent: 1.3 kg (+ or - 0.2 kg)

  • Total weight: 1.5 kg (+ or - 0.2 kg)

  • Diameter: 15.2 cm

  • Activation time: 3 - 10 sec in contact with the flame

  • Warning signal: 120-140 dBA

  • Activation time: 3 - 10 sec in contact with a flame

  • Ensures the extinction of the fire for a surface of 8 - 10 m2

  • Type of product: pyrotechnic extinguishing agent

  • Category: P1, NEC: 4.0 grams.

  • CE marking NB: 1395 - P1-0128 / 2010 (European standard)

Elide Fire ensures the extinction and monitoring of all fire classes:

  • Class A - Dry fires (wood, paper, fabrics ...)

  • Class B - Fatty Lights (Flammable Liquids, Plastics ...)

  • Class C - Gas Lights (propane, butane, etc.)

  • Class E - Lights of Electrical Origin

  • Class F - Lights related to cooking aids

For Class B, C, F and electric lights, the Elide Fire extinguishing ball is used for passive protection only.

World-class quality

ElideFire® Extinguisher is a patented invention that has benefited from more than 50,000 quality assurance tests to ensure its performance. In addition, the product won the Gold Award for Best Innovation at the Eureka Innovation Awards Europe, Bronze Medal at the Japan Genius Award, Gold Medal at the WIPO Award, Gold Medal at the Korea KIPA Award South, Gold Medal of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation of the Russian Federation and National Research Council of Thailand.

Elide Fire Ball is certified for use in the European Community and ensures compliance of the product with the Community requirements.


The intellectual property of the product is patented :

  • PCT International Patent WIPO No: WO2008 / 150265

  • European Patent EP 2160233

  • Thai Patent No. 18966

  • Eurasian Patent No. 200802044

  • Turkish Patent No. TR2008 09279Y

  • US Patent No. 6796382 to the Office of Trademarks

  • Chinese Patent Specification No. ZL 02829433.5

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) N ° PCT / US / 2002/025158


The manufacturing process is certified ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management).

Norme CE Elide Fireball Boule Antifeu

The Elide Fire ball is protected by an international PATENT. Beware of fakes !!! Read the article


CE marking NB1395

ISO9001-2008 Certificate



EUIPO - EU Office for Intellectual Property

Safety Data Sheet MSDS Rev.300516

Diplomas & Awards

View all certifications

How it works?

Elide Fire is very easy to use and provides extra protection as it self-activates in the presence of fire.

In only 3 to 10 seconds after contact with the flame, the detonator located inside the ball activates the wick on its outer surface. An immediate explosion is caused: the extinguishing powder disperses over an area of 8 to 10 square meters (equivalent to a standard fire extinguisher of 2.5kg). The external force of the explosion then pushes oxygen out of the fire zone, the fire instantly extinguishes by the action of the blast.

No training or skill required to use it. It is accessible to everyone.


How to use it?

It is very simple, just throw the ball towards the fire, it will automatically activate and instantly disperse the extinguishing agent in order to extinguish the fire. If a fire is triggered in an unoccupied room, Elide Fire Ball will come into contact with the fire, emitting in addition to its extinguishing action a sound warning by its detonation. With this feature, the ball can be placed in any location where there is a fire hazard, such as in your kitchen, or over power outlets that are often overloaded, near a cabinet, in a car, a boat ... In short, everything you want to protect.

Active use: When a fire breaks out, simply throw the ball towards the fire. It will fall naturally in contact with the flames and will activate in 3 to 10 seconds. No pin or spare parts or training: the ball is 152 mm in diameter and weighs 1.3kg (+/- 0.2kg), it is very easy to use.

Passive use: One of the most important advantages of the Elide Fire ball is that it automatically triggers in the presence of fire. If placed in areas of high fire hazard, where most fires occur, it will activate automatically when it comes into contact with a flame.

The best option for passive use is to install the ball in the most vulnerable places in its metal basket. The ball can be fixed on a support or simply placed on a flat surface, visible and easy to access. The most recommended areas are high-risk areas such as electrical cabinets, kitchens, storage rooms, engine compartments, etc.

Elide FireBall - Manuel
Boule Anti-Feu - Automatique

What are the advantages of the Elide Fire ball?

The Elide Fire Fire Extinguishing Ball is the first maneuverable, self-activating fire fighting device available on the European market. Thanks to its advantages, Elide Fire is an important technological breakthrough, already a reference in the market of fire safety devices.

Easy to use
No pin, no moving parts or mechanical parts. Zero cost of training

Compact and lightweight
The ball diameter of 152 mm and its weight of 1.3kg (+/- 0.2kg), make it so compact and easy to store or carry

The ball is activated even in an unoccupied space or zone. Role of supervision 24 / 24h.


Alarm function
The sound emitted by 120 dBA does not exceed the limit values ​​set for physical agents by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) experts, which can be applied for evacuation fire alarms.

Increased security for users
No need to go near the base of the flames to extinguish the fire

No false alarms
The ball does not activate in the absence of fire

Its aesthetic design and easy installation allow it to be simply placed on a table or hung on a wall thanks to its metal support

No maintenance required
The product's performance is 5 years, during which no inspection or maintenance is required

Lowest protection cost
As a user, you will receive the most cost-effective protection over the life of the product.

Respectful of the environment
Does not pollute the environment. Elide Fire is composed of biodegradable extinguishing agents.


The force generated by the activation of the ball is not dangerous for man.


Elide Fire - Facile à utiliser
Elide Fire - Comptacte et légère
Elide Fire - Auto-Activation
Elide Fire - Alarme
Elide Fire - Sécurité
Elide Fire - Alarme
Elide Fire - Flexible
Elide Fire - Garantie 5 ans
Elide Fire - Aucune Maintenance Coût
Elide Fire - Environnement Ecologie
Elide Fire - Non toxique
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